We announce the launch of the

Jeffery Town Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction Project $649,644 US

Funded by Caribbean Development Bank. For more details click on the JTIDRRP link.


The Mitigation of the Adverse Effects of the Extreme Hydro-metrological Events in the Jeffrey Town Community sponsored by Canada Caribbean Disaster Risk Management Fund

 Project successfully completed


  1. Sixteen  homes fitted with rain water harvesting; systems gutters and 650 gal. water tanks includingCIDA Channel to C & P and tank (9) complete replacement of five roofs
  2. Flood risk mitigation on 180 yds of hillside where soak away pits will collect excess water from the roofs on the hillside. Completed
  3. Enhanced community access to water through water catchment tanks and pumps at two locations moving the water to a central location.
  4. Six hundred more trees on the roadside
  5. One thousand pine terrace on the hillside
  6. Ten check dams establish six on the north east slope and four on the south west slop to slow down the flow of rain water.
  7. Six environmental radio programmes to be commissioned and air on Jet FM. Completed and aired on Jet FM
  8. Five public awareness sessions for the community and two water treatment session conducted by MOH St. Mary


Reducing Disaster Risk Potential in Jeffrey Town through Soil Retention Techniques. Sponsored by Environmental Foundation of Jamaica.

Project Objectives

  • To reinforce a land section of 30 metres in the Wallingford community.


    EFJ Gabion Wall Construction

  • To introduce Ma’fala breadfruit trees to the community in conjunction with Trees That Feed Foundation
  • To increase land stability and food security leading to agro processing of breadfruit.
  • Conduct these activities in conjunction with CIDA Disaster Mitigation Grant: Water Management Project.


GEF Small Grants Programme

  • Increased resilience to climate change impacts through prevention of land degradationgef street light may 2013 (1)
  • Increased level of community investments in renewable technology including solar street lights.
  • Increased public awareness and education at the community-level regarding global environmental issues (Empowerment)
  • Improved livelihoods through increasing local benefits generated from environmental resources



This project drained the ponds on the hillside, cleared the channels leading from the ponds both above the Wallingford wall. It allowed for community awareness in the form of training and original radio programming on the effects of climate change as they relate directly to the local environs. Counter funding allowed for twenty acres of reforestation to further stabilize the land.

A major portion of the funds were used for alternative energy, the beneficiaries have reported significant reduction in the exposure to grid electricity and in some months zero external consumption. This is of particular importance here as the group runs its community radio and internet café on a volunteer basis making energy costs a key issue to sustainability. Solar street light have also been installed to improve security in vulnerable locations.

GEF-project-activities-(4)Poverty reduction has been influenced by equipment such as vacuum packer to assist with value added items to be prepared by the members within the group, a mushroom house has been established on the organic farm and the breadfruit flour mill has been motorized to increase production. More of the community are using organic methods of farming lessening the effects of chemicals in the environment and saving the cost of those same inputs; composing is an integral part of the work.

Jamaica Protected Area Trust- supplied funding for 20 acres of trees planted in 2012 however more trees will be planted this year in the CIDA activities above. This project a direct result of counter funding with the GEF small grants programmme.

Click to view or download the Tree Planting Status for Jeffrey Town

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