The Vision

In September 2010 the group took a close look at ourselves and redrafted our mission

“The mission of Jeffrey Town Farmers Association is to harness all available assistance for community development using agriculture as the platform; to sustainably develop its human and physical resources, for the creation of opportunities to include all the residents of Jeffrey Town, especially the youth and women to achieve social and economic stability.”

With this in mind we laid out a set of targets to lead us to sustainability as an organization that would include opportunities for all.

  • Our building in Top Road is to be completed so that the Multimedia activities are conducted in their own space on the first floor releasing the 1100 sq foot of the ground floor for agro-processing production of crops grown locally and the 400sq. foot of basement will continue as storage. A bathroom and changing room is to be added as we continue to expand our hybrid alternative energy system to reduce overheads.


  • We will work with all agencies to make the Breadfruit Festival a household name and bring tourist to our community by establishing a tour route that includes our organic farm, the radio station Jet FM 88.7, points of interest on the White River and more.


  • We will upgrade the infrastructure at the radio station so that we have a stable signal covering the hilly terrain for all the communities between us and the North coast.


  • As funds allow we continue to affect mitigation works through terracing, making gabion walls and planting trees additionally we will continue to produce educational radio programmes targeted to specific groups of listeners.


  • It is our aim to make Jeffrey Town the best Community in Jamaica, to be the guiding light for others to follow enabling each to lead the development process in their own communities so that together we can build a better Jamaica.
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